Independent Commission

Commissioned Work

After the passing of the matriarch, I was commissioned to create mugs with the names that she used to call them. She created a language that only her family understood, and by doing so, gave each family member a unique name. 

Before Designing


Before creating and designing this mugs, I had a meeting with the family members that wished to have their names typographically created. I wanted to understand their personalities and apply it to the typography. Also, in order to design their name it was important to understand their connection to the matriarch. 



A mug is a type of cup typically used for drinking hot drinks, such as coffeehot chocolate, or tea.  It is usually cylindrical in nature.


Flat vs. Cylinder

I embraced the cylinder and realized that by being circular, it was creating the form of a big warm hug.

This matriarch was loved by many and embraced her loved ones fully. I wanted to wrap their names around the mug,  encasing it, creating a full circle.



The family responded positively on the designs. They believed that their names would never be called again and having a mug they can drink from every day with that special name given by the matriarch was extremely touching to them.