Dilly Dally

Silver Award - Packaging
Hard Candy Branding
Case Study

Case Study

Dilly Dally is a vintage inspired, organic and environmentally conscious hard candy brand.



Most hard candy packaging conforms to the same square packaging in plastic bag. Leading fruit candy brands such as Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, and Skittles use bright eye catching colors - commonly used to target children. 

A common theme among the organic brands however where the large white backgrounds with authentic photography of the fruit to emphasize purity. 


Millennials and baby boomers who like sweets and are conscious of the environments and like to purchase organic products. 


Break the mold! Draw attention to our target demographic - millennials and baby boomers - by selling candy in large rectangular tins that will stand out when juxtaposed with other hard candy snacks and fruit snacks. The colors will be gender neutral and they all have characters design per flavor!    


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